My mission is to help you and your family to plan for your future, face the legal challenges of death today, and gain clarity and peace of mind when it comes to life’s toughest questions.

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Is there a catch to ‘going paperless’?

Is there a catch to ‘going paperless’?

BlogIs there a catch to ‘going paperless’?June 2, 2015Many of us get most, if not all, of our bills and correspondence with companies via email. For many reasons this is great. The environment wins, we don't have to do filing, our kitchen table isn't full...

Legacies, Ethical Wills and the Farewell Email

Legacies, Ethical Wills and the Farewell Email

BlogLegacies, Ethical Wills and the Farewell EmailMay 20, 2015My work, including estate planning, thinking about digital assets, and community education has me thinking alot lately about different kinds of legacies. In estate planning and in the dictionary, a person’s...

“Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”

“Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”

Blog“Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”March 30, 2015Willie Nelson with a fan in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport by Henry Yip Willie Nelson's 'gospel' song "Roll Me Up and Smoke When I Die," which is also the title of his auto-biography, lays out...

What Concerns You Most about Death?

What Concerns You Most about Death?

BlogWhat Concerns You Most about Death?December 8, 2014Last year, with The Sacred Dying Foundation, we sent out a quick survey via email and social media. We asked 2 questions – The first question prompted participants to rank a list of 'priorities' or...

Why Do Technology and Elder Law Need Each Other?

Why Do Technology and Elder Law Need Each Other?

BlogWhy Do Technology and Elder Law Need Each Other?November 21, 2014Technology needs elder law, because growing old and dying is an experience that 100% of technology users will face. Technology needs elder law to help people make plans for illness, incapacity and...

What is Elder Law?

What is Elder Law?

BlogWhat is Elder Law?November 20, 2014Elder Law is the law of humans. Humans with a lifetime of financial ups and downs, myriad experiences and changing responsibilities, depending on the knowledge and money they've saved up to face a quickly changing world. Many...


"Even though I’m a health care professional, I had not done adequate estate and advanced directive planning and I knew I needed to consult with an attorney. Luckily, I was put in contact with Megan Yip by a friend. She made the process approachable, was supportive of our questions, and gave us good advice. With her help, we were able to create a will, a living trust, and an advance medical directive. I would highly recommend Megan’s services to anyone doing estate planning."

Joseph F.

Health care professional

"I reached out to Megan to work with me on my Father’s estate after he passed away.  It was a difficult family situation and got very complicated as we tried to unravel it.  My own feelings and emotional state only added to the difficulty. Megan was excellent at counseling me on both the legal issues and my legal standing in the estate. She was very good at “talking me down” when my emotions just got too heated to think things through clearly. I was immensely grateful to have her counsel and her advice.  I recommend her highly as a counselor and legal advisor."


Post-Death Admin

"Even though my husband and I both had gotten wills drawn up in the mid-Eighties, we had not looked at them since. In the intervening years, we had purchased a home that was now, surprisingly, worth a couple of million dollars. We both are now retired and have most of our retirement savings in our 401ks/IRAs.  Megan handled the transfer of our home to a trust so the estate could be efficiently managed. She provided us with guidance on how to pass on our investments from our tax-sheltered savings. She prepared our powers of attorney and advised us on the issues around choosing an executor. Megan was efficient, knowledgeable and helpful on all aspects of bringing our estate planning into the present.  I recommend her to anyone who needs to either prepare an estate plan for the first time or to update an outdated plan."

Jessica A.

Retired Financial Services Executive

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