Estate planning

When it comes to life’s toughest questions, I help you plan for your future.

You deserve a trusted legal guide who can meet you right where you are.

I understand that you want clarity and peace of mind when it comes to planning for your future.

As a lawyer, I also know that the immense complexities of developing an estate plan leave you not knowing where to start.

The problem is that it’s hard to find someone you trust to help you ask the right questions, make the difficult decisions, and do the important work to give you peace. When it comes to estate planning, the reality is that most lawyers don’t meet you and your family where you really are. Your time with a trusted advisor should never be focused on the biggest transaction for the firm’s bottom line, or on this year’s new wealth optimization solution. Nor should you ever feel like you have to take matters into your own hands, turning to an estate planning product off the shelf or simply doing nothing at all.

These just aren’t the right answers when it comes to some of the most important questions in your life.

You deserve a trusted legal guide who can meet you right where you are.

Especially one who fully understands the nuances of developing a solid estate plan in our digital age.

That’s where I come in.


“Even though I’m a health care professional, I had not done adequate estate and advanced directive planning and I knew I needed to consult with an attorney. Luckily, I was put in contact with Megan Yip by a friend. She made the process approachable, was supportive of our questions, and gave us good advice. With her help we were able to create a will, a living trust and an advance medical directive. I would highly recommend Megan’s services to anyone doing estate planning.”

Joseph F

Health Care professional

“Even though my husband and I both had gotten wills drawn up in the mid-Eighties, we had not looked at them since. In the intervening years, we had purchased a home that was now, surprisingly, worth a couple of million dollars. We both are now retired and have most of our retirement savings in our 401ks/IRAs. Megan handled the transfer of our home to a trust so the estate could be efficiently managed. She provided us with guidance on how to pass on our investments from our tax-sheltered savings. She prepared our powers of attorney and advised us on the issues around choosing an executor. Megan was efficient, knowledgeable and helpful on all aspects of bringing our estate planning into the present. I recommend her to anyone who needs to either prepare an estate plan for the first time or to update an outdated plan.”

Jessica A.

Retired Financial Services Executive

“When our daughter was born, we knew we needed to start planning for the future.  What we underestimated was how complex twenty first century estate planning is.  Not only did we need to deal with the traditional items like wills and trusts, but we had to contend with aging parents, tangled family real estate ownership, and complex partnership interests.  What do we do with our stock options?  Who takes care of our daughter if we pass away? How do we deal with online banking, email accounts, and social media?  Megan put together our trust, helped us develop a stewardship plan to execute our long term wishes, and connected us with a team of trusted advisors to walk us through the coming years.  We feel prepared for the future and know that when the time comes, we have done the best we can for our family.”

Colin and Jocelene

Estate Planning

Here’s How I Can Help:

Identify Your Current Needs

Working with people who are facing death or are asking difficult questions about the future is my greatest strength.

Execute an Integrated Legal Plan

Most people don’t know where to start. I work with you to develop a plan for the future.

Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind

I execute our customized plan to ensure you gain the clarity and peace of mind you deserve.

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