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Digital Assets

Including digital Assets In your estate plan

A Digital Asset Estate Plan can empower you to preserve and share the value of your online accounts with those who appreciate it. We all spend a lot of time in front of computer and tablet screens, for work and play, pursuing solitude or social interaction. As more of our life has moved online, our digital assets have started to hold more value: creative, sentimental, and monetary.

Your Digital Asset Plan can ensure loved ones have the information they need to take care of you in case of incapacity. Many of our daily obligations and assets are managed to online. Have you considered how someone might figure out how to take care of you after an accident if all your bills, prescriptions, and contact information for friends, family and colleagues are only accessible in private accounts online? Read more on the Blog: There is a catch to going paperless.  

You Digital Asset Plan can direct deletion of online accounts you define as private or ephemeral. Some Digital Assets are online because they are part of our private lives and there’s no reason for anyone to see them but us.


Inventory your digital assets

To plan for what should happen to your digital assets after you die, you need to start by inventorying your digital assets.


COnsider Legal issues & solutions

Including Digital Assets in your estate plan requires consideration of many different laws. It is worthwhile to  consult with an attorney as you make a plan for what should happen to your digital assets in cases of incapacity or death.

tech solution.png

consider tech solutions

Some popular websites offer their own tools for people to designate what should happen if they die. Many other third parties provide technology solutions for digital estate plans.